Bayshore Clubs!

If you are a current scholar and interested in beginning a club, please see Ms. Sneyd for an application.

In addition to the application you must submit a proposal. Your proposal must:

a. Be typed
b. Include the name the club will use
c. Include a paragraph describing the club’s purpose
d. Describe who (students) will act as the club leadership
e. List times and locations of proposed meetings
f. Describe/list what activities will be carried out at these meetings
g. Describe/list any special meetings or trips the club may be planning
h. Describe what basic rules your club will have:

  1. Who can join?
  2. How does the leader get elected and when are elections?
  3. What gets you in trouble or kicked out of the club?
  4. Include any other relevant information

i. List who the adult/staff adviser will be